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Is wherever your feet are, and where they are should mean the world to us. 

Zero Waste Kate is about learning to tread gently on a more mindful path, to open your eyes to what our environment gives us so willingly and to leave a better path behind us. 


Hi! I'm Kate. I am doing my best to live a Zero Waste lifestyle in Munich, Germany.

I am an international primary school teacher, paralympic swimmer, cat lover, vegan, disability advocate, world traveler, flea market fiend and constantly in awe of this beautiful planet I call home. @ zerowastekate


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July 16, 2019

‘Sit down little Timmy, we need to talk about the birds and bees. This is how it’s going to work, if the bees die out.. well, the birds will soon die out then we’ll all die out’. Probably not the most ideal way to help your little ones grasp the devastating future effe...

November 7, 2018

Suppose you are invited to my house for a fancy dinner. As a starter - ginger pumpkin coconut soup with herby garlic croutons. As well as white bean dip and crisp veggie chips to nibble on. For the main - roasted cauliflower steaks topped with wild herb and walnut pest...

October 20, 2018

In the olden days, when I lived in Brisbane, our Friday night routine was to drive to Eagle Boys pizza (just like Pizza Hut but probably worse), have a red wine or two and argue with the rugby referees via television screen. One of these evenings, I spontaneously decid...

October 18, 2018

Cheap ass and proud! Or if you would rather sound classy about it, zero waste for the frugally minded. When I prattle on way more than necessary with friends about waste reduction, they often comment that one big trouble with zero waste is that those of us within the b...

July 11, 2018

My cat Frankie is tiny, but holy guacamole can he produce a mighty stink. I’m so sure he does it on purpose but he finds the most constitutionally pleasing time to drop his lunch is when I’m showering. No two guesses needed for where the litter box is situated.

I never...

July 3, 2018

It's a lovely warm and fuzzy feeling to know that you are doing something good for your body and for your mind, but how do all of these steps to reduce waste while improving your inner and outer self, affect those close to you, those not so close to you and the big, be...

June 29, 2018

A word? Clarity? Awareness? Respect? Obviously there isn't just one word to cover all the benefits of reducing your environmental footprint. But for me, zero waste has a lot to do with awareness and respect. Respect for your self, your great grandparents, your future a...

June 27, 2018

Sometimes it is tricky navigating the world of plastic free, package free, sustainable, eco friendly, organic, green, environmentally conscious, fair trade, biodegradable, vegan, non-toxic, regional products and alternatives. It's hard to know whether to buy package fr...

June 25, 2018

Putting these following steps into a logical order was quite tricky. Even though these steps to a 'zero waste' lifestyle are ordered 1 - 10, I really think they are all as important as each other. In fact, I probably should put 'taking part in the community' as number...

June 23, 2018

*requested by Cath

The first rule of being Zero Waste is to forget about being 'Zero' Waste. It's more than enough to be determined to reduce your waste and ecological footprint as much as YOU can. When I started, I inwardly beat myself up each month because I just coul...

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